Eniko Kiss

I want to share with you what I could feel through ou in today’s meditation. I have no doubt about it, but I want you to know it's unbelievable what you 'are doing for us. Thank you!.  Today, the whole meditation was very touching for me. I was waiting waited a lot all day to be there. And then there was a point in meditation when my tears began to flow in streams. Because You broke through my limits, through" MY MIND", which I often feel terribly strong. But now it was crumbled by was dusting from your hands like a dry leaf ... I couldn’t breathe didn't get any air, I just felt like I was merging with your Blessing. LIGHT, BLESSING. Only those words were just in me ... and a few minutes later you said the same words yourself! I know it was a reality! What I have experienced is TRUE. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am unspeakably grateful dear Maharishi.

Adél Taskovics

My heartfelt thanks to Maharishi for the daily online meditations  Thanking you for the thoughtless, deep peace I can experience every day!. I am grateful that I no longer want to unravel the tangled "web" of information coming from outside because I have learned that inner peace is the real cure! I am grateful to the Master for the wise thoughts and teachings that accompany and encourage

me in the everyday life.

Eszter Illés

I am grateful to Maharishi for the peace and silence, for the feeling that my life is going at a normal pace in such a difficult situation. Without daily meditation, I don’t even know how I could handle the situations that are arising. Thank you dear Maharishi for the  purest, simple, practical and powerful wisdom.

Szilvia Novákné Nagy

Today's homework put me to the right track, several times I asked myself, “Do I enjoy what I’m doing?” Yes, really! ..then why the hell I want to do something else to feel good and happy?. Thanks for the Miraculous meditation, which is helping me maintaining the awareness and to manage my peace and harmony. Thank you dear Maharishi for the wonderful process and blessings.

Magda Marton

Today’s meditation was again an extraordinary experience for me.

I realized that I am here today to meet my soul, to be one with it. The feeling of emptiness appeared very quickly and

was very deep even today, I merged with it in a settled joy and happiness, it was beautiful.

Thank you, dear Maharishi, for leading me. Thank you, I am grateful dear Maharishi.

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