Life is simple,

If we make it simple.

"This world will be more peaceful, if every school incorporate techniques to manage mind instead of religion " . Maharishi.

  • Hungarian Humanitarian award winner 2013 for his excellent service in serving food for twelve thousand people a month.

  • Certified coach for Essential oils from American Association of drug less practitioners.

  • Founder of Siddhah Yoga and Siddhah meditation.

  • MD - Alternative medicine in Naturopathy

  • Established in United states , Bahrain , Hungary, France, Belgium , Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine , Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Germany and India.

  • Author “Thirty Golden rules of the Enlightened”

  • Ex Citibank (IT risk manager for Europe, served ten years).

Service Initiatives:

  • More than twelve thousand food packs distribution every month continuously since 2012 for homeless and old age homes.

  • Inspiring youth to achieve holistic and healthy life style. Instilling family and traditional cultural values among the young people.


  • Columnist in National Alternative medicine Health Magazine, Ezo porta Magazine- Hungary and Manorama online & Tatwamayi TV.

  • Guest: Two television channels and three Radio channels.

  • Guest speaker : For many national and international events related to Holistic and spiritual aspects of life.

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