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In short about Maharishi Bhramananda Yogi

  • Humanitarian award winner 2013.

  • Established in twenty countries.

  • Certified coach for Essential oils from American Association of drug less practitioners.

  • Founder of Siddhah Yoga and Siddhah meditation.

  • Author “Thirty Golden rules of the Enlightened”

  • Ex Citibank (IT Risk management for Europe, Middle east and Africa, served ten years).​​

  • Columnist in International and National Magazines

  • Guest speaker for many TV channels and online Medias.

  • Chief Guest for many national and international events related to Holistic and spiritual  life.

The background of Maharishi

Maharishi Bhramananda Yogi was born into a middle-class family in South India and was attracted to service and helping the downtrodden since childhood.

In his late teens, Maharishi found himself drawn to the spiritual world, after being influenced by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Bhagwan Osho and Ramana Maharshi.

His spiritual exploration continued as he completed studies in electronics and communication and took up a multinational banking career in the Middle East and Europe. Maharishi went on with his charity activities and strict meditation practices in the years that followed even while being immersed in the world of numbers and figures.

After years of corporate work in Europe, Maharishi got his spiritual calling on a Full Moon day in September 2011, and decided to dedicate his whole life to share his spiritual knowledge to the world.

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