To organize any of the below programs at your place, please contact us   

For Business & corporate  

3C program (Corporate Communication and Co-operativeness). 

We would like to highlight few points which  Maharishi Bhramananda Yogi believes are essential for good organization and values. As we know that any organization is a set of great personalities and perceptions. If this is not propagated or implanted to all layers of employees, achieving the mission will be more difficult. 
Great organizations are well aware of changing the perception of an employee towards the mission is more effective and productive. 

Personal Consultation  

Many thousands of people visit Maharishi to receive opportunity to meet personally to discus  and to have opinion about our personal, family or business issues or discuss different opinions. 

Also Maharishi gives natural health tips to recover illness quickly and safely.

Time slot will be thirty to sixty minutes per person.

You can utilize this opportunity by person or by Skype or any social media available if required.

Customized programs as you need  

As Maharishi recognized that the need of the community, organisations or a society varies, Maharishi extended his support identify and support the requirements  to customize the programs accordingly.

In order to proceed on this, kindly fix an appointment with Maharishi to discuss the environment and the need either by person or by available social media.


For Body and mind transformation  

Nirvana Program - Advanced DNA re-programming.

This is one of the powerful program designed by Maharishi for those who has strong past memories causing mental or physical illness which shall be managed/eliminated. 

This is a two and half day program, usually starts at Friday evening until Sunday evening.

In this program we provide Maharishis special healing herbal tea and food. Also Maharishi personally lead simple and powerful yoga and meditation. 


Mind Management programs  

Nirvana Program - DNA re-programming.

This is a two to three hours session conducted in organizations, educational Institutions, Offices, NGO's and Government organizations for that has more people and less time to spare.

This session is very beneficial and an eye opener towards reality. Maharishi conducts meditation, if possible yoga and indeed Question answer session. 

Don't forget to receive healing hug from Maharishi!.