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This is the journey for truth seekers..

"Yesterday I was intelligent enough to change the world, today I am wise enough to change myself"

 Step by step guidance by the Master to establish in peace, harmony and the bliss 

  English & Magyar 

  SKY DIVINE 2022  


Be careful!

There is a good possibility that in this one year you may loose: Anger, Craziness, Frustration, lack of Patience, problems with Relationship, Communication, Sleep less nights and the related Health issues.

Every Wednesday 19-21 hrs & Every month first Saturday 10-17hrs 

Master's voice

Participants voice

00:00 / 01:23
Az illúzió
00:00 / 00:53
Érzelmi egyensúly
00:00 / 01:23
A határon túl
00:00 / 00:52
Kinyíltak az ajtók
00:00 / 01:45
Sosem ugyanaz
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 Life is not easy, 

 yet we can make it   Blissful 

  • Spiritual solutions for personal issues.

  • Life management Mantra.

  • Life enhancing spiritual power.

  • Multiple spiritual initiations.

  • Yoga  &  deep Meditations.

  • Ancient wisdom.

  • Health management tips.

  • Personal meetings with Maharishi.

  • Tips to handle personal situation.

  • Sky Divine Camping.


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