Dr. Krisztina Lányi


Today's experiences was the best of my life till now. Although, I've known it earlier, that I'm not the body and not the mind, but today was the first time I could experience this in such a powerful and calming way. I think I can not thank it enough, just with the way of my attitude to myself

Hajnalka Somogyi


The true Self has wonderful power, and the state of unity can be maintained even after meditation and this experience makes my day, my life & relationship with myself has changed radically. I feel soft love and intimacy towards myself and my Soul, yet there is a deep dignity in it as well.

Tempfli Csongor


I have to tell you i've never meditated before, this was the first time. I can't tell that I managed to shut down my mind completely during the meditation,

I specially enjoyed the Q&A session between the meditations, they were several good questions, and also lots of amazing very simple answers and stories.

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